Alba-RIG™ Rapid Integrity Gaskets

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Alba-RIG™ Rapid Integrity Gaskets

Patriot Bolt and Fastener is privileged to offer our customers the Alba-RIG™ (Rapid Integrity Gasket) by Alba Gaskets

Alba Gaskets aims to provide our customers with an affordable and user-friendly Reverse Integrity Testing solution that overcomes the limitations of conventional leak testing methods.

Revolutionizing Leak Testing: The Alba-RIG™ Rapid Integrity Gasket

Rapid Integrity Testing (RIT) is a crucial practice that validates flange connections before operations, providing reassurance and enhancing production time. Yet, in a challenging economic environment, using expensive, specialized RIT gaskets is a significant burden. In response, our mission is to deliver a cost-effective and easy-to-use Reverse Integrity Testing solution, challenging traditional leak testing’s complexities.

The patent-pending Alba-RIG™ (Rapid Integrity Gasket), designed and manufactured in Aberdeen, UK, is the cornerstone of our approach. Built to endure the North Sea sector’s demanding conditions, Alba-RIG™ verifies joint integrity swiftly before start-up, saving time and granting peace of mind. It caters to various flange types, including Ring Type, Raised Face, and Flat Face.

The Alba-RIG™ stands out due to its simple installation process, significantly reducing complexity and costs. It paves the way for choice and flexibility in test equipment and process, overcoming the hurdles of traditional leak testing methods and reverse integrity testing. This simplicity and cost-effectiveness encourage more widespread adoption of Reverse Integrity Testing.

The Alba-RIG™’s design has garnered third-party product design approval (PDA) certification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) London office. This certification covers onshore, offshore, and subsea flange connections up to ASME 2500 class and API 10K, allowing a maximum pressure of 11,200 PSI / 770 bar.

Alba-RIG™ Variants

The Alba-RIG™ is available in two variants: a dual kammprofile version for raised face (Alba-RIG™ RF) and flat face connections and a ring-type joint (Alba-RIG™ RTG) version. All Alba-RIG™ ring type joints comply with the American Petroleum Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards, utilizing fully traceable materials. Each Ring Type of Joint features a low-stress stamp for identification and traceability, with soft iron and low-carbon steel rings coated with electroplated zinc. Available in various materials and rated up to 15,000 PSI, the Alba-RIG™ ring type joints come in Octagonal, Oval, RX, and BX cross sections.

ALBA RIG gaskets

The BX cross sections are designed with an additional 5mm height for the test port to clear the flanges. This extra height has negligible impact on tension, load, or stress and can be accurately calculated by bolting specialists. Thus, the Alba-RIG™ provides a user-friendly, efficient, and economical solution to integrity testing, breaking down traditional barriers.

Contact our Patriot Bolt Engineering team to access additional information or a product demonstration of the Alba-RIG™ gasket.