Big Tex the Incredible Hex

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Big Tex the Incredible Hex

At Patriot Bolt and Faster, we’re proud to display our gigantic nut!

Meet “Big Tex the Incredible Hex,” the world’s largest hex nut and the newest member of the Patriot Bolt family.

Big Tex the Incredible Hex by Patriot Bolt and Fastener
Patriot Bolt Founders Kris and Andrea Kolb and Ally Clay stand in front of “Big Tex the Incredible Hex” moments after delivery — December 8, 2023.

Located at our company headquarters in Humble, TX, this 8,500 lb piece of eye candy is now a Houston attraction we want to share with the community.

On Friday, December 8, 2023, we (as in Patriot Bolt and Fastener) made headlines by breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest hex nut in the world.

The record-breaking hex nut, affectionately named “Big Tex the Incredible Hex,” is a massive structure measuring 16 feet in height and 19 feet in width.

Our hex nut showcases our company’s innovation and Texas’s reputation for doing things on a grand scale.

Kris Kolb

This gigantic hex nut was meticulously crafted by Houston’s JK Welding, following precise specifications provided by Patriot Bolt.

The achievement surpasses the previous record, held by a hex nut in Komenda, Slovenia, which stood at 11.8 feet tall and 13.6 feet wide since May 2020.

Kris Kolb, our CEO and founder of Patriot Bolt, expressed pride in this accomplishment, stating:

“Everything is bigger in Texas, so it just made sense to claim this record.”

Kris Kolb

The collaboration between Patriot Bolt and JK Welding’s skilled fabricators led to the creation of this monumental piece.

Big Tex is a functional design with a 10-foot opening and helical threading. It’s on permanent display here at Patriot Bolt and showcases our company’s name and “Made in Texas” branding, emphasizing its local origins.

John King, the owner of JK Welding, shared his enthusiasm for the project, saying:

“It was an honor to work on such a monumental project that can make a footprint in Houston.”

John King

We are currently awaiting official certification from Guinness World Records.