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Explore the world of shoulder bolts with Patriot Bolt and Fastener. Our precision-crafted specialty fasteners are crucial in the oil and gas, energy, and aerospace industries. 

Adhering strictly to ISO and ASTM standards, we offer shoulder bolts known for their strength, precision, and durability. Whether you’re considering material compatibility, environmental conditions, or load requirements, our shoulder bolts cater to your specific needs. 

When precision and speed matter… trust Patriot Bolt and Fastener!

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Shoulder Bolts by Patriot Bolt and Fastener

The Role and Evolution of Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts, also referred to as socket shoulder screws or stripper bolts, are integral in many industries, including oil, gas, and aerospace. They are distinguished by a larger diameter ‘shoulder’ between the thread and head. This unique design allows for a smooth bearing surface for moving parts or as axles for rotation. They’re chosen for their robustness, precision, and adaptability.

Shoulder bolts have evolved with industrial advancements. Initially, standard bolts were customized for specialized applications. However, the demand for precision parts to handle rotational motion or lateral stress led to the development of shoulder bolts.

Their significance has grown as industrial sectors require more precise and versatile fastening solutions. They offer necessary alignment accuracy and pivoting, which standard bolts can’t match.

Shoulder bolts are crucial in aerospace machinery and oil and gas plant operations. Their utility facilitates the smooth running of equipment, enhancing the efficiency of various industrial processes. Historically and currently, their importance in industries valuing accuracy and durability is undeniable.

Benefits of Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts offer many advantages, making them stand out in the fastener industry. Below, we highlight the key benefits:

  1. Precision: Shoulder bolts provide precise alignment, especially for rotating parts or those needing lateral movement. The shoulder is an accurate guide, ensuring parts move correctly and efficiently.
  2. Strength: Made of sturdy materials like stainless steel, shoulder bolts can withstand heavy loads and intense stress conditions, offering high tensile strength and shear resistance.
  3. Versatility: They cater to various applications across industries, from aerospace machinery to oil and gas equipment, due to their unique design and functionality.
  4. Ease of Installation: The shoulder’s smooth surface simplifies assembly, allowing parts to slide into position effortlessly.
  5. Durability: Shoulder bolts are designed to endure harsh conditions, enhancing the overall lifespan and reliability of the machinery used.
  6. Reduced Wear and Tear: As the shoulder provides a smooth bearing surface, it reduces friction and wears on the components, leading to longer equipment life.

In summary, shoulder bolts combine precision, strength, versatility, and ease of installation, contributing to their widespread use in various industries.

Features of Shoulder Bolts

Understanding the features of shoulder bolts is crucial in realizing their potential in various applications. Let’s delve into the physical and mechanical properties that make these bolts a preferred choice in many industries.

Physical Properties: Size, Weight, Material

The physical characteristics of shoulder bolts are essential to their function. The primary features include:

  1. Size: Shoulder bolts come in a range of sizes, which are primarily defined by the shoulder diameter and the length of the shoulder.
  2. Weight: The weight of a shoulder bolt is proportional to its size and material, with larger bolts or those made from denser materials being heavier.
  3. Material: Shoulder bolts are often made from robust materials like stainless steel or alloy steel to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments.

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength, Shear Strength

Mechanical properties determine the shoulder bolts’ performance under stress:

  1. Tensile Strength: Shoulder bolts possess high tensile strength, enabling them to resist breaking under tension. The specific tensile strength depends on the material and manufacturing process.
  2. Shear Strength: The shear strength of shoulder bolts measures the bolt’s ability to resist forces that may cause the internal structure to slide against itself. High shear strength is necessary for bolts used in applications where lateral forces are prevalent.

 At Patriot Bolt and Fastener, we meticulously craft these properties to exceed industry standards. Contact us to explore our superior range of shoulder bolts tailored to your needs.

Specialty Materials: Shoulder Bolts

Specialty materials play a vital role in manufacturing shoulder bolts, providing essential properties such as superior strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent high-temperature performance. These bolts can be made from various grades of stainless steel, including martensitic, austenitic, duplex, ferritic, and precipitation hardening. Each grade offers a range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance to suit different requirements.

In demanding environments that necessitate resistance to oxidation, high temperatures, and aggressive chemicals, high-performance alloys like Chromium-Molybdenum steel, Inconel®, and Hastelloy® are utilized. By incorporating these specialty materials, shoulder bolts maintain their integrity and durability in mixed applications, including aerospace, nuclear, and chemical industries, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

For a more detailed look at the materials we use in shoulder bolt manufacturing:

Standards And Specifications

Setting high standards and following strict specifications ensures quality and performance when manufacturing shoulder bolts. At Patriot Bolt and Fastener, we achieve this through adherence to internationally recognized ISO and ASTM standards.


We strictly follow the ISO 9001:2015 standards for our Quality Management System (QMS), guaranteeing our shoulder bolts consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. Relevant fastener standards, like ISO 7379 for shoulder screws, are integral to our manufacturing processes.


Our processes also align with ASTM standards, notably ASTM F835, which outlines alloy steel shoulder bolts requirements. This standard addresses material, heat treatment, hardness, and performance, ensuring our shoulder bolts offer superior quality and reliability. By complying with ISO and ASTM standards, Patriot Bolt and Fastener ensure our shoulder bolts meet your needs with unmatched quality.

Key Industries and Applications of Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts are used in various industries due to their unique design and versatile functionality. Some key sectors include:

  1. Oil and Gas: In this industry, shoulder bolts are often used in equipment maintenance and assembly. Their ability to provide precise alignment and resist harsh conditions makes them ideal for drilling equipment and pipelines.
  2. Energy: Shoulder bolts play a significant role in power generation equipment. Their high strength and durability make them perfect for applications in wind turbines, power plants, and solar panel installations.
  3. Aerospace: Precision is paramount in the aerospace industry, and shoulder bolts deliver just that. They are used in aircraft assembly and maintenance, providing secure fastening and precise movement in critical applications.
  4. Industrial Machinery: In large-scale industrial equipment, shoulder bolts provide pivotal movement and alignment, enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of various machines.

At Patriot Bolt and Fastener, we provide shoulder bolts that cater to these specific industry applications, meeting the demanding requirements with superior quality and performance. For industry-leading shoulder bolts, reach out to our team today.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Shoulder Bolt

Selecting the right shoulder bolt requires consideration of several factors:

Material Compatibility

The bolt’s material should be compatible with the materials of the parts it will be fastening. This ensures a secure connection, minimizes corrosion and enhances durability. For instance, stainless steel shoulder bolts are often used when corrosion resistance is needed.

Environmental Conditions

Consider the environment in which the bolt will be used. Shoulder bolts designed for high-temperature or corrosive environments should be chosen if these conditions are present.

Load Requirements

The bolt should have the necessary tensile and shear strength to handle the load it will bear. Consider both static and dynamic loads, as well as potential shock loads.

Considering these factors, you can select the appropriate shoulder bolt for your specific needs. At Patriot Bolt and Fastener, we can guide you through this process, ensuring you get a bolt that is fit for purpose and built to last.

Safety and Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency

Effective handling, safety measures, and maintenance techniques can significantly extend the lifespan and efficiency of shoulder bolts:

Handling: Always handle shoulder bolts with care. Avoid dropping or exposing them to unnecessary shocks, damaging their precision-made dimensions.

Installation: Ensure bolts are correctly installed using the right tools and torque settings. Over-tightening can damage both the bolt and the components it’s fastening.

Safety Measures: Always adhere to safety protocols when using shoulder bolts. Use protective clothing and equipment, especially when handling larger bolts or working in high-risk environments.

Routine Inspection: Regularly inspect the bolts for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Early detection can prevent component failure and expensive repairs.

Maintenance: Lubrication can help to prevent corrosion and reduce wear on the bolt’s shoulder. However, always check that any lubricant is compatible with the bolt’s material.

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